Welcome to Phonics Audio. Here you can find the free nix 32-bit Windows VST. Hope you find something here to be the cat's meow 8D

Here are all the VST as one zip-> Phonics VST

Instrument originally made for the KVR Developer Challenge 2009. It has 375 wavetables, particularly focused on the 303, however it is polyphonic and has 3 osc. I used wavetables from Muon Tau, IL TS-404, Venom VB303,Roland TB303, Cheetah MS-6 analog among others. It's a labour of love and damnably frustrating to develop too. There is one singular feature- the ability to sample the output audio stream back into a wavetable. You can generate original soundforms quite easily, just select start and end points, and press the little arrow on whichever osc slot u want to use when in user(U) mode. Other nice stuff it does- porta while polyphonic, unison, aliasing and anti-aliased oscs, PW & PWM, hard sync, draw form with splines, ASM optimized envelopes, 18 filter types, filter per osc. 4, 3 mode mod sources with ~40 destinations, sequencer with customizable arp and multiple patterns, 6 effects, RM & FM

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Simple yet versatile sampler, designed to load bar loops or picks, although it will accept tracks. It has decent scope for changing the original samples with unison, porta, cut mod and gate/volume mod. I just got the formant filter working, sounds cool whe modulated over whatever audio material.

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Polyphonic,up to 32 pattern and 128 step MIDI sequencer. Copying and pasting of patterns is supported. There are 2 modes- 'edit' and 'run'. In edit mode it plays only the current pattern. In run it loops the patterns sequentially from start and end points which are set by the user. Graphics by Galaxpel. Timing seems not to be sample accurate, however it is well within a usable precision.
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Drum synth. A full drum kit can be coaxed out of the 2 oscillators. The vector control's colours can be customized to taste. It has the requisite multi-point spline envelopes for pitch,amp and filter needed in drum synthesis. There are also 4 effects to colour your drum.

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Q8 parametric EQ with phase and fft display. All bands are switchable off and on, and it is hybrid-ie. the sliders and graph update each other. One feature that I think is handy in an eq is max gain/reduction scale knob. It's marked dB. You can be delicate or use a higher max. The parameters are switchable, so you can switch between ie. notch and shelf, ABing to taste. It's quite vanilla in that it doesn't really colour, however at extreme settings the biquads will start to exhibit artifacts, which are to be expected I understand. It sounds great when you automate sweeps, which was hard to implement without crashes. Graphics by Grymmjack- nice one bruv

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Recorder VSTfx that allows you to cut and export loops, similar to IL Edison sorta. I originally built this to use this idea I had- to play a metronome click on beat divisions of a sound editor’s selection, so you can tell when you selection is looping in sync. Grid divisions of the selection are also displayed graphically. thus enabling easier finding of correct loop points. Additionally it records and you can play the recording back internally or via virtual midi cable, DAW routing or DAW transport to preview your loop in the mix. You can flick left and right with selection, also double and halve it. Zooming of time and amplitude is in there. I will soon have it normalize, and fade the ends of the cut loop. You need a 3rd party app to timestretch, but I am looking at this. Max recording time is 10 min with 3 gig of RAM, but shorter takes are previewed in the mix nicely. There is a drawback with this device, after recording, the plugin will render the sound to conserve RAM, so it requires the user to wait for the same period of time it took to record. Likewise when saving. It will not recall what it has recorded if you close the project, u need to save the .wavs you want. It includes a BPM calculator, so if ur wondering what bpm a track is at, select a bar long loop, and it will be displayed in the footer. Kenny Buck made the GUI, making it more ergonomical also. So much thanks Kenny 8D

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3 line variable pitch shifter stomp. Can run the lines in parralel or series. Supports PDC, as the grains take 1500 samples to process. It works without pops in small projects, but when the CPU is busy, it sometimes pops, due to the trigger architecture. Can reccomend rendering audio to samples in large projects. It works by resampling grains.

Here is the direct link->https://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/tzdt6m

Simple delay. It uses a divisor of the BPM to set the tap length, with the ability to use your own fraction. It’s easy to dial up your favourite dubs.

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Bit-crusher and samplerate reducer.

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Collection of effects that replace my old one- Wave Mechanic. There are currently 11 effects. Chorus,compressor,distorsion,drive,eq,flanger,hardclip,3 phasers,reverb. Hopefully fun to experiment with fx chains.

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Stream and counter-based octaver, shifts pitch down 12 semi-tones for playing bass on electric among. It chops grain start points on 0-crossings, in aid of reducing vibrato.

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Auto-filter. It has 18 filter types, modulatable by env follower or tripped env. It's good for wahs, using audio as filter mod source and distorsion. The filter curve is animated, so you can see also what you are doing a touch easier. Also you can turn the modulation off and have static cut. MIDI learn is supported. The depth knobs are logarithmic, so the low cutoff for wah is easier to hit now. Go hacks on res and cut via controller! Right click on knob enables learn, select MIDI source with the little female plug. This version has 2 new filter types, formant(vowel) and comb.

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Built by Maik Menz and released to the Outsim community. I've made this one available as VST. It's an unnatural sounding algo. Cheers Myco

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I think the ratio is infinite. Tames peaks on masters perfectly well. Easy to use meters.
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Utility to route channels. If you are recording a mono source, just insert this in the signal chain to process in stereo.
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This is a VST host, which loads 2 processing lines- 2 VSTi s for now. The sequencer is hardwired- it is my VSTi Dreamsequence. However you can load whichever VSTi you like in the 2 available slots. These VSTi can be processed with 2 VSTfx. I will make more slots available soon. Richard Hoffman from Synapse was kind to let me bundle Synapse Junglist- which you can use outside Synergy. Mighty thanks Rich!
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This is my experimental hex guitar project. It converts 6 signals coming out of an electric guitar, 1 for each string, into MIDI which can be used to play any modern synth. It uses my novel pitch-tracking technology which is zero crossing based- the sound tells the smoothing filters where to focus the bandpass peak, which is neccessary to obtain a good stable read of the wave's frequency. I reccomend using an Ubertar pickup, but Roland piezos will work too.
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6 Entrancers in Reaper->

Akoustik Piano played with 2SYN MIDI guitar->
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